Bonfire Premium Vendor Feature Overview

When it comes to growing your business, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. 

With Bonfire Premium Vendor, you never miss a chance to bid on—and win—more government contracts. 

Thanks to daily bid matches delivered straight to your inbox, it’s easy to focus on the opportunities that matter to your business.

Based on your business interests and geographical preferences, we’ll send you daily alerts so you know when a new bid is added that matches your criteria. 

Plus, our smart search and filtering tools help you quickly find bids that interest you. Add relevant keywords to get ultra-personalized bid recommendations. Search for specific projects or drill down by geography, commodity code, industry, project type, and more.

With Bonfire’s smart alerts, you’ll never miss an important bid deadline or requirement. Follow bids you’re interested in and sit back while we send you alerts on critical details like submission deadlines, changes to the project, and more so you’re always on top.

When you’re ready to review your progress, hop over to your personalized dashboard to view the bids you’re following, active bid submissions and even the contracts you’ve been awarded. It’s your Bonfire mission control center, allowing you to easily keep track of your bids—all in one place.

With a Bonfire Premium Vendor subscription, you can find, manage and respond to bids easier than ever before. 

Join today to gain access to over 200,000 new bid opportunities each year—and supercharge your ability to win more government business.