The Easiest Way to Find Government Contracts 

In today’s competitive market, winning government contracts can be a game-changer for small businesses. In addition to a steady stream of revenue, these projects have the stability and name recognition to propel your company to new heights, allowing it to flourish and expand beyond its initial scope. For newcomers, however, navigating the complex world of government contracting can be daunting from the very beginning. While all this growth and income sounds great, where do you find these contract opportunities?

Traditionally, open projects in the public sector are posted on individual agency homepages, but meticulously going through every government or organization’s website in your area can be time consuming, messy, and frustrating.

That’s why more and more businesses are choosing to use digital bid networks like Bonfire Premium Vendor to find the public sector contract of their dreams. For additional information, here’s a comprehensive guide to helping small businesses find and secure government contracts.


 What is a digital bid network?

A digital bid network (sometimes known as a procurement network) is an online database specifically designed for public agencies to post open federal contracts—or Requests for Proposals (RFPs)—for various goods and services. These platforms not only provide governments and other organizations with a straightforward method of finding vendors, but they also give vendors themselves an easy way to search and locate relevant projects, submit bids electronically, and track the status of their submissions from one centralized place.

Small business employee following up on her contracts on a digital bid network.

How does a digital bid network work?

To begin with, digital bid networks often require you to set up a profile for your business to give procurement agents some basic information about you. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to start searching through the network’s database using tools such as keywords and filters as well as set up email notifications when relevant bids arrive on the platform. Many digital bid networks will allow you to save and follow the contracts you like, and when you’re ready to submit a bid, you can do so easily through the same interface. Once you’ve sent that off, you can track the progress of your submission and be alerted at every stage of the process.

Benefits of a digital bid network


Small business owner learning about the benefits of a digital bid network on his business.

Saves time

For the uninitiated, the biggest overall benefit to using digital bid networks is that they’re a huge time saver. Instead of spending hours searching around different public agency websites, you can create a singular profile to use as you browse through tons of RFPs from one centralized location. Plus, many digital bid networks will send bids that match your business preferences directly to your inbox, meaning that in some cases, you won’t have to go searching for contract opportunities at all. Using a bid network also makes the submission process much easier, as you can download RFP documents and submit your proposal from the same place.

Improves organization

Digital bid networks are also a great way to help you stay active and organized when bidding on multiple government contracts. While federal agencies publicly list their contract opportunities, bouncing back and forth between different government websites or chasing down missing documents becomes a nuisance. A digital bid network allows you to follow existing bids and keep all your necessary information stored in one easy-to-access system.

Provides competitor insight

Because so many vendors use digital bid networks, you’ll be able to see who else has downloaded and issued responses to certain bids you’re interested in. This can provide you with valuable competitor insight within your reports, giving you a good sense of who you’d compete against and what your small business can do to stand out from the pack.

Tips for using a digital bid network

Group of employees applying tips for using a digital bid network to find more government contracts.

Create a detailed profile

The business profile associated with your digital bid network account is incredibly important for small businesses. Not only is it what the platform relies on to match you with relevant contract opportunities, it’s also looked at by official procurement agents to get a sense of your company’s capabilities. Because of this, it’s imperative to provide as much information as possible in your profile. The more you share, the more you’ll get out of using an active digital bid network.

View every notification

One of the best features of a digital bid network is email notifications of relevant projects, so you want to make the most of them. That means taking a few minutes every day to look over what’s arrived in your inbox and make quick notes of any contract opportunities you may want to respond to. That way, even if you don’t have time to address them right away, you’ll be able to come back later and look at them more thoroughly. The more unread email alerts you have, the more contract opportunities you might be missing.

Be proactive

While getting those notifications in your inbox is great, you’ve also got to dedicate some time to doing your own research. Log onto your digital bid network account, fire up those keywords and filters, and start diving into the vast network of contracts to seek out ones that fit your business’s parameters. By searching on your own in addition to getting alerts from the network, you’ll increase your chances of catching perfect RFPs in time to bid on them.

Utilize templates

Creating a bid from scratch is time-consuming, so don’t do it unless it’s necessary. Digital bid networks allow you to look at previous bids you’ve submitted, giving you access to ready-made templates you can re-use for new submissions. This is especially useful if you’ve got any winning bids to use, as those can be trusted to give you a good chance of success.Senior business employee satisfied with the use of a digital bid network for more contracts.

Digital bid networks like Bonfire Premium Vendor can not only revolutionize the way you bid on government projects, but significantly increase your chances of winning a contract as well. Through the time saved by streamlining the process, greater organization achieved through a centralized data hub, and valuable competitor insights, you’ll get a huge leg up in a tough market.

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