Now’s Your Chance to Dig into Lucrative Government Construction Opportunities

Have you heard the great news? 2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year of growth for the construction industry. In our recent blog post, we put a spotlight on Bonfire data that points to a 56% increase in the number of public sector construction projects in 2022.

Those projects, focused on repairing gaps and aging infrastructure in cities and counties around North America, are being supported in the U.S. by a new $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Bill. The “once-in-a-generation” federal funding, passed late last year by Congress, aims to help rebuild America and restore the competitiveness of the country’s economy.

With the promise of this huge influx of government investment dollars targeted toward infrastructure, agencies across the country have a steady pipeline of new construction projects going to tender. So, what does this mean for your business? There’s more opportunity than ever for construction firms like yours to get in on the action and begin bidding on lucrative government opportunities. Here’s how.

How to get your company in front of more construction opportunities

With over 25,000 new construction solicitations added to Bonfire Premium Vendor in the past 24 months — and new ones added daily — you can quickly and efficiently find and bid on construction projects that matter to your business.

Encompassing thousands of federal, state, provincial, and local contracts from across North America, our expansive list of project types lets you choose the specialty areas that fit your business, including:

  • Building and construction machinery and accessories
  • Manufacturing components and supplies for structures, buildings, and construction
  • Building and facility construction and maintenance services
  • Well and drilling construction services
  • Residential building construction services
  • Non-residential building and construction services
  • Specialized trade construction and maintenance services
  • Road and railroad construction materials
  • Industrial plant construction services
  • And many more!

Time is money — and missed opportunities

No matter the size of your business, searching for new opportunities is resource-intensive. Instead of investing your time completing your current pipeline of construction projects, you might be wasting hours manually scouring the web for your next big opportunity. Or, even worse, your business is missing out on lucrative government bid opportunities because you don’t have the time or resources to find them — you might not even know where to look. 

What if you could find qualified government opportunities for your business with just a few clicks? Bonfire Premium Vendor helps you find, bid on and win government projects from cities, counties, school districts, health organizations, utilities agencies — and so much more — all in one place.

Take a look at our contractor and construction firm solutions to view thousands of government construction opportunities that are waiting for bids from businesses like yours. You don’t need a subscription to explore what’s there — just use the interactive search tool to narrow your search and find bid opportunities tailored to your business expertise.

If you like what you see, a Bonfire Premium Vendor subscription gives you access to over 200,000 new bid opportunities from across North America each year. You’ll also get access to our exclusive network of 650+ government agencies who post their bids exclusively on Bonfire — giving you privileged exposure to high-quality bidding opportunities.

Streamline the process — from search to submission

A Bonfire Premium Vendor subscription offers so much more than a list of construction opportunities. With access to smart tools, you can pinpoint the best bid matches for your business using the following criteria:

  • Keywords
  • Commodity codes
  • Industry
  • Project type
  • Geographical preferences

Once you set your opportunity criteria, you’ll immediately start receiving notifications whenever a new bid is added that matches your business requirements. You stay one step ahead of the competition, and you don’t need to worry about missing bids while you’re busy taking care of business.

Once you’ve decided on the projects you want to pursue, Bonfire Premium Vendor makes bidding easier, too, with intuitive online submissions. After you review the bid requirements, a guided submission process helps you check off all the boxes — with ease, efficiency, and everything in one place.

Pin down the details and never miss a deadline

Let’s be honest: sometimes keeping track of contract details is stressful and frustrating, especially when it involves tracking, sorting, and searching through piles of paperwork. When you’ve got tons of other business demands to juggle, it’s almost inevitable that things will get missed.

One glance at your Bonfire personalized dashboard gives you all the information you need to keep those pins in place. You can view and track your submissions, be reminded of upcoming deadlines, and so much more. Your personalized dashboard lays it all out in one simple-to-use, tailor-made portal that’s an essential, stress-reducing addition to your online bidding toolkit.

Once you’ve signed on as a Bonfire Premium Vendor, you’ll also benefit from expert advice and information available at your fingertips with a detailed resource library and a knowledgeable support team available when you need help. Find out how to make the most of platform features, improve your bids, manage notifications, and much more.

It’s time to scoop up your share of government construction spending

Ready to start bidding on lucrative government construction projects today? Sign up for Bonfire Premium Vendor to start getting daily qualified matches and find your next big opportunity to grow your business.