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Unlimited access to Bonfire’s exclusive network: Thousands of bids added every month from over 600 public sector agencies across North America.

Discover hundreds of thousands of federal, state, and provincial bids: One-stop for over 200,000 thousand federal, state and provincial bids across North America every year.

Daily bid alerts and recommendations: Personalized bid recommendations delivered straight to your inbox.

Personalized dashboard: Easily keep track of bids you’re following, working on or submitted, all in one place.

Bid follow and tracking: Alerts ensure you never miss a bid deadline or requirement.

Smart search and filtering: Quickly drill down by geography, commodity code, industry and more to find bids for you.

Effortless bid submissions: Complete your bid in just a few clicks, with no mistakes or accidents.

Legendary customer support: Contact us via phone, email, or chat, whenever you need support.

Unlimited access to Bonfire’s 24/7 Vendor Knowledge Base: Dozens of support resources at your fingertips.

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