Client Story: Winning government contracts with an easy-to-use bidding solution

Bonfire Premium Vendor & Bird Mechanical Ltd.

Beverley Nice, Proposal Manager for Bird Mechanical and her team handle proposals and bid submittals for all of the company’s subsidiaries and departments, making sure their offers get into the hands of project solicitors properly and are completed on time.

Often challenged by other bidding solutions—both paper-based and digital—Beverley was in need of a user-friendly, online bidding solution that made the process of finding relevant bids, then bidding on them, straightforward and clear. Once she discovered Bonfire Premium Vendor, she never looked back. Download this client story to learn more about Beverley’s experience using Bonfire to find and win government contracts.

Key Results:

  • Bonfire Premium Vendor streamlined the online bidding process, allowing Bird Mechanical to be alerted of new relevant bids meeting their criteria and submit proposals faster than ever before, resulting in a stunning 94 bids and 32 wins through Bonfire in just two years.
  • Daily bid recommendations delivered to Beverley’s inbox saved her team countless hours searching the web for new opportunities.
  • The clear, straightforward navigation of Bonfire Premium Vendor eliminated confusion around bid requirements and documents.
  • Bonfire Premium Vendor’s personalized dashboard allows Bird Mechanical to easily view and edit their account settings, bid recommendations, bids in progress, and bids awarded.


Download Bird Mechanical Case Study